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About us

Mobilní asistenční systémy (MOBAS Ltd.) is a company dedicated to the operation of assistance services that help the needy to live a full life and overcome unpredictable, life-threatening situations in which they cannot help themselves. Our mission is to provide people with continuous assistance needs with a solution that will not limit them in any way and at the same time reduce the cost of such assistance. We help seniors, the disabled and the long-term sick.

Our products and services



Protectu is a 24-hour remote assistance service for people who may find themselves in a life-threatening situation or in an emergency when they cannot help themselves. It is suitable for seniors and for people with health or movement problems. Through a smart device that the user carries, he is in constant contact with a team of assistants ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Test Tubes


Diani is a platform for online patient telemonitoring. It is therefore a matter of collecting, interpreting and sharing patient data, currently using a mobile application of a diabetic diary, a smart watch, a glucometer, a continuous blood glucose monitor and a pedometer.

We currently operate three modules, Diani Diabetes for patients with diabetes, Diani BP for patients with high blood pressure and Diani PA (SOMA) for monitoring physical activity.

Our partners

We provide research, development and operation of our products and services in cooperation with prestigious university and research institutes, as well as with major players in the field of health care from the Czech Republic and abroad.



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Jan Mužík


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Vít Caitmahl

Customer Service

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Anna Holubová

Product Specialist

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Pavel Mužík

Project Manager

Contact us

Mobilní asistenční systémy, s.r.o.
ID: 03656128
VAT: CZ03656128

Studničkova 2028/7, Nové Město, 128 00 Praha-Praha 2, Czechia

+420 774 403 248

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